Le Roi des Singes

  • Introduction

    "After the triumphant success of CirkAfrika throughout the world, I wanted to present a new circus show along the same lines: highlight the acrobatic repertoire specific to a continent or a country, while putting a special accent on its cultural richness.

    Four years ago, I began to look at the Cuban circus and the influence of the Cuban culture on the circus world. I saw that the Cuban culture possessed something unique. My objective is simple: transcribe with humility all of the emotions that I felt in discovering this magnificent country. In order to do that, culture is an efficient vector of transmission and the circus also possesses a family dimension that invites shared experiences.

    This show is an invitation to joy, combining music, dance, song, and circus. It is an invitation to celebrate this island which is so rich in the eyes of the world. Twelve impressive circus numbers will be accompanied by 8 dansers, 8 musicians and 5 solo singers for a total of 50 Cuban performers."

    Alain Pacherie

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