Forty years of songs and classical works, a body of french texts that nothing can take out of fashion.
With a career spanning forty years, over 20 albums, and songs such as ‘Un Homme Heureux’ or ‘Carnet à Spirale’, William Sheller is one of the greatest author/composers in contemporary French music.

An eternity for his fans and the world of music where one of the rules is you can never be out of the spotlight for too long – but William Sheller is not worried, and is even surprised that others do it for him and is amused by his image of a slightly misanthropic recluse, somewhat depressive and living isolated in the countryside….so, with a smile, he points out : a) that he lives surrounded by his family (children and grandchildren), b) that he is not at all depressive, and c) that he likes people a lot and d) that he has spent three of the past four years on the routes of France giving concerts. “I think that when one plays between sixty and eighty concerts a year, which is my case, one has quite a full life which does not look at all like one of a recluse. The stage is where I feel best”.