Julien Cottereau, clown-mime soloist of CIRQUE DU SOLEIL (Saltimbanco 1994-2005) and winner of French theater awards « MOLIERE” in 2007 for his first solo creation « Imagine-Toi ».

It starts with a drop of water falling, then the sound of footsteps approaching and it all begins ! Amidst rumbling and whistling sounds, a character bursts on the scene who seems to be a mix of Buster Keaton, Pierrot Lunaire, and a Pinocchio who grew up too fast ! A nonsensical character, tender and naïve, dressed in trousers that are too short for his legs and topped with a strange hat, begins to sweep off the stage when he discovers that he is being observed…No stage set, no special effects, no props are necessary ! Just a performer with the talent to bring alive a world of monsters and princesses, a world of tendress and emotion with simplicity and grace.

A poetic show for all ages which brings out the best in our humanity, the rarest and dearest of sentiments : that of our childhood that Julien Cottereau makes us rediscover with wonder.