« What would Romeo and Juliette be like if all the characters were afflicted with the neuroses and obsessions of our time ?

That is the postulate of departure of this satirical comedy.
Driven by their vampical egos and their weaknesses, Roleo, Juliette and the other characters are alternatively predators and victims, creating a situational comedy that allows the audience to ‘live’ the story by identification and become actors in the story.
To speak of Romeo and Juliette is a bit like speaking to everybody. That is what I find interesting : the possibility of establishing a connivance with the greatest number to dialogue with our time.

For it is through this ancestral play that we question current themes through absurdity and with ferocity : families collapsing, the corrupting influence of power and money, and above all, through the Montague-Capulet rivalry, hatred and exclusion.

Note from the writer and director Hubert Benhamdine