The Clowns Semianyki (Olga ELISEEVA, Alexander GUSAROV, Kasyan RYVKIN, Marina MAKHAEVA , Elena SADKOVA, Yulia SERGEEVA) are originally from the famous troupe Licedei Saint Petersburg.
Heirs of the renowned Russian clown and mime tradition, these young artists tell stories, entirely without words.

Think of the Addams Family meeting Modern Family.
This show traces the joys, the craziness, and the survival strategies of a family trapped in its own version of "home sweet home".
Love and Chaos paradoxically intertwine the relationships between the pregnant yet flirtatious mother, the carring yet alcoholic father who alternates on the verges of breaking down or leaving, and their four tender yet unruly kids pushing each other and theirparents to the limit.
Their zany and comedic domestic power struggle extends into the audience and culminates in a emotional uniting of the family complete with a spectacular paper-flinging finale.