"Camille Berthollet, a bow on the threshold of the heavens" Tribune de Genève – 23.02.16

"She is more than a pretty face as she posseses a precocious professionalism, nourished by schooling in russian technique, reputed to be the most demanding of schools." AFP – 22.02.16

"Camille Berthollet, the new star of classical music" Le Monde 21.02.16

"Camille always produces marvels, Julie is just as talented a musician" Le Parisien 17.10.15

"You will be seduced by the magic bow of Camille Berthollet….she has achieved a renown that is as impressive as it is merited." Clym - Centre Presse - 23.12.15

"Without a doubt, we are dealing with a remarkable artist, and not only for the number of notes she produces per second." Classica 01.12.15

"Camille has passion. She can extract forceful accents from her violin, interrupted here and there with a romantic pause, in which she showcases dreamy accents." Daniel Ichbiah - Comment ça marche - 1.12.15