“I wrote this “Javanaise” for Juliette Gréco… I consider myself a privileged author because she sang my texts and I believe there is no author worthy of his name that hasn’t wanted to write for her.” Serge Gainsbourg

“Gréco has millions in her vocal cords : millions of poems that are not yet written, some that will be written. We write plays for actors, why wouldn’t we write poems for a voice ? She makes prose writers regretful and remorseful. The penman who writes on dull paper ends up forgetting that words have a sensual beauty. The voice of Gréco reminds them of that. A soft warm light, she barely touches them while igniting their fires. It’s thanks to her that I write songs, so that my words may become precious gems. It’s true that she doesn’t sing them, but it is more than enough that she sings the songs of others, and for that we are all grateful.” Jean Paul Sartre

“Juliette Gréco is akin to that family of artists that we call an ‘interprète’, without realizing the full scope of the word. Their job goes beyond simply translating an author’s text ; it is much more than that, as in reality they bring these texts to life.” Abd Al Malik

“I feel that you (Juliette Gréco) have changed the way we see music, because your voice is always poetry.” Joseph Koshma

“What a delightful woman, simple, beautiful, available, imposing, brave, free and lively !” Amélie Nothomb

“If you hear a voice that calls out of the shadows, it’s Gréco’s. If you close your eyes, you hear the song of your teenage years, it’s Gréco’s. It is Juliette Gréco that sings the song that we long for.” Pierre Mac Orlan

“Juliette Gréco is more than a name. It’s a prestige. A myth. In the hearts of the masses, she is the greatest since Piaf. She has the millenary beauty of a feline as well as their superb silence filled with magic.” Louis Nucera

“The Chinese portrait that André Lemoine dedicated to her, made us think about a pussy cat more than a tigress. “Chez le Chat Juliette Gréco” , André told us, “Calm is just an appearance that hides a great timidity. Reserved would be a better word. Passion is in everything that she does, including excess, but her charm and wonderful tolerance makes it so we can forgive it. She is deeply interested in the world surrounding her personal universe. She likes to wander, travel, and live life to the fullest. This cat, like other cats, appreciates friendly meetings and receptions, to shine but also to observe others. A dear and loyal friend, Juliette Gréco reveals herself as a ferocious critic. Let’s not forget that she is more intuitive than psychological. Her spontaneous judgment is flawless even though her reasoning is often overshadowed by her subjectiveness.” She gave André the maximum score.” Jacques Mercier

“Gréco, you would have to be an idiot to refuse her. She represents a France that I love, with a strong ideology.” Benjamin Biolay

“You don’t meet people of that level every day, which have a sort sensitivity, intelligence and class all the while not being vulgar, but extremely funny. Even using words that only men say because she must be doing this since she was a teenager.” Bernard Lavilliers

“Gréco doesn’t care one bit about norms with an admirable grace. She is the very essence of many fantasies while never becoming an object of desire.” Anna Mouglalis