Un Poyo Rojo

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    Battle, danse or cabaret…..two male athletes in a hilarious ballet that explodes the standard male stereotypes. The show has been playing for to sold-out audiences in Argentine for over 10 years.

    In the men’s locker room, the smell of dirty socks, cold lockers and underarms. An idea of virility. Two boys are there, going through their lockers, eyeing each other a bit, sizing up each other a lot. Long and muscular, they examine and judge each other. Two roosters before the battle. Not a word, no music. Some glances, a small radio, and the struggle. A frenetic danse, a battle of crazed dogs. They pass through the gamut of human relations when they become animal. An intense duo with oozing, wet skin and clown-like grimaces, Un Poyo Rojo recites the fear, the seduction, the caution, the attack, the humiliation and the conquering in a relation. And the desire, the moods, the exchange of fluids. Alfonso Baron and Luciano Rosso are dancers, acrobats, athletes, performers. Un Poyo Rojo, or literally a red rooster, has played to sold out audiences for close to tean years in Argentine and notably in a refurbished hangar in Buenos Aires, the Teatro del Perro.

    Nothing is done without an imperious need to exist. The high-strung direction of Hermes Gaido leaves space for moments of savory impro. These three individuals combine to make Poyo Rojo a space of extreme liberty, of unleashed power….In the men’s locker rooms, two guys engage in a hilarious sado-masochistic ballet, and explode the varnish of machist stereotypes.

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