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Un Poyo Rojo

Physical Theatre: The subtle meeting between dance and acrobatics

"Two individuals sizing each other up, provoking, playing, clashing, desiring, rejecting, and uniting in the locker room of a 1980’s-style locker room. "A Poyo Rojo" is an amazing sensory experience: athletic competition, cockfight, dance, theater, acrobatics, percussion, mime ... A mixture of multiple artistic disciplines! Without a word spoken, yet with humour and intense energy, the two artists use movement and body language to experiment with different ways to establish a relationship. Leaving the audience with free rein for interpretation ... "

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"One of the 10 best shows of the year in Argentina" La Nacion

"Untiring energy" Diario Uno

"A joyful discovery, freshness, talent, and a rigourous technical performance." Mirada Teatral


Ovacionx (spanish) 25 july 2012
France Bleu 14 juillet 2014

(Début de l'interview à 36 min 50)



Contact booking : Julien Maillet
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